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Service Price list


Simple:  $0.015-$0.017

Advanced: $0.020 and up


Price varies by pattern $0.020 and up.

Please call for estimate.

*Prices figured per square inch*

Example: 90 x 90 = 8,100 square inches

8,100 x 0.015 = $121.50 + setup and thread charge

**All Measurements are in Square Yards**


Polyester 3 oz. = $4.50/yd

                 5 oz. = $5.00/yd

Example: 90x90 quilt = 6.25 yards

                 6.25 yards x $4.50 = $2813

Cotton:  5 oz = $6.00/yd

Tread:  $1.00 per bobbin

Set up Charge:

Set up charge is $15.00

*All prices are subject to change* 

How to prepare your Quilt

1. Clean the threads from the back of your top.

2. We charge $15.00 per hour to clean threads

3. Press your quilt. We charge $20.00 to press. 

4. We charge $5.00 per seam. If the backing of your quilt needs to be seamed, you may do it yourself.

5. Quilt backing needs to a total of 8" inches larger than your quilt top 

Call or email us today for a quilt consultation


Audrey Macomber


Phone: 262-673-4558


Cell: 262-494-3079